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Reservation Assistant

Discover the software that has all the activities of your sports and wellness business under control: Reservation Assistant schedules appointments, requests trainers, highlights available time slots, and uses apps as new marketing tools.

Already, 10,000 spa resorts and hotels all over the world consider Reservation Assistant a smart choice

Would you like to know what our software can do for you?



Airport Spa and Golf Club, Hotel and Health Resort – we have thought of them all when we developed Reservation Assistant. We spent a great deal of time with trying to understand the code of these businesses – and really took our work seriously.


From the very beginning, we wanted to create more than just a straightforward management system. Smart and clever, Reservation Assistant assists you in managing many processes: our software automatically suggests the most suitable employee for an activity. It even responds to special guest wishes in its usual friendly manner and it will impress you with many other functions.


Reservation Assistant quickly found its place on all five continents. Today, our software communicates in 18 languages and easily interfaces with many other programs – 160 interfaces make this possible. Add-ons expand your distribution channels: our Web Shop, mobile Apps and Facebook have become a new point of sale.

Helps you organise all your resources and reservations with a single tool in the form of a booking diary. Reservations Assistant saves a lot of time and improves your efficiency.

Reservation Assistant helps you define vacations, time off, shifts and breaks for every staff member in a very simple and convenient manner.

Reservations for a wide range of products and services combined into one are made easy by Reservation Assistant. Both pre-defined and dynamic packages can be managed in this module

This fully integrated module is the heart of all commercial transactions, be it any product, service or retail item. It covers billing, payments and even commission calculations for employees.

When it comes to dining little things can make a big difference. This module helps you with booking tables for your guests and provides you with a reservation plan that graphically illustrates your restaurant layout for ease of management and control.

This module helps you extend your business beyond regular customers and members and provide you with an opportunity to increase sales. Reservation Assistant assists you in managing the end to end cycle from issuing of vouchers/certificates to guests redeeming it.

A basic inventory module to conveniently manage your merchandise, create stores and control inventory management. Bar code enabled stock taking allows you to simply scan and record all articles and their movement.

This Module allows you conveniently design memberships for your property or facility and manage fees structures, discounts, time frames, promotional offers, new memberships and renewals etc.

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