Eatec® Solutions by Agilysys

Best-in-class foodservice procurement, inventory, forecasting and recipe management software for all hospitality operations.

Restaurant Inventory & Procurement System

Whether you are a large or small chain, fast food or full service, corporate store or franchise, your back-office inventory management solution needs to provide the real-time information you need to make the right profit- and growth-driven decisions. As your operation expands, most inventory and procurement solutions become cumbersome and costly. You are continuously uploading and downloading information between corporate and store systems or tracking data collected at each of your locations. Maintaining a staff to administer the whole system could potentially affect your bottom line.

Eatec® Solutions by Agilysys is a suite of management tools that place the right information at your fingertips, providing all the functionality you need to streamline the management of your inventory. With Eatec Solutions, you can replace costly, disparate systems with a centrally located solution with superior ease of use, Eatec Solutions can be implemented and maintained without additional staff and support costs. With many standard reports preconfigured, the business intelligence you need is accessible and easy to reach always. Manage your company with powerful, cost-effective enterprise systems all seamlessly integrated.

You Decide Which Functions You Need Whether you require an inventory management solution for multiple sites or a single site system for multiple functions, you can now choose the exact applications that fit your needs. Eatec Solutions are designed in a modular software structure, which enables you to define the system you need to run your business without the cost of extra features you don't need.

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Core Features

  • Inventory Database and Management
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Recipe Analysis
  • Requisitions and Transfers
  • Production Management
  • Sales Tracking, Analysis and Forecasting
  • Reports

In addition to these core features, the following optional modules are also available

  • Catering Management
  • Buffet Management
  • Commissary Management/Manufacturing
  • Nutrition
  • Retail Merchandise
  • Cycle Planning

The core technology of Eatec Solutions is a fully web-enabled, centralized data management system that provides instant real-time access through a single data source. Once new units are configured, data is instantly available to corporate and area managers anywhere, anytime, via the web. Users can log on to the system from any Internet connection, resulting in state-of-the-art inventory management capabilities for the lowest possible upfront cost.

In today's economy, it's important that you gain a measurable payback on your investment. Once a company implements Eatec Solutions, they begin to see measurable savings in the form of lower food costs, increased productivity, tighter inventory control and fewer human errors.

Eatec Solutions by Agilysys help you do business in new ways, with proven reliability, performance, speed and accountability. With dynamic functionality, along with the latest developments in technology, Eatec Solutions help reduce your cost of ownership and improve your bottom line. Redirect your work force to the tasks that keep your operation going, not tracking where it has been. Then focus on what you do best: managing your business efficiently and profitably.