Epicor iScala ERP

Epicor iScala ERP (Epicor iScala back-office solution designed to meet the unique requirements of the hospitality industry), images need to reflect ERP look and feel like spreadsheets etc.

Open new opportunities for growth

Epicor iScala is a proven state of the art ERP solution specially designed for the Hospitality Industry. It's an exhaustive full scale yet extremely cost-effective ERP solution. iScala is already standardised by 14 of the world's top 20 hospitality chains at 300 plus hotels in over 60 countries. The fully integrated ERP allows an organisation to focus on its primary business objective and provides a distinct competitive edge.

Whether you manage a single restaurant or a global chain of hotels and resorts, Epicor iScala Hospitality has everything you need to get more out of existing assets. Epicor iScala Hospitality, includes financial management, material management, multisite and multi-company financial consolidation, reporting and budgeting tools.

The system also includes interfaces with all major Property Management Systems (PMS) and Point of Sales (POS) systems. It is built on top of award winning iScala global ERP software with added features to support the unique requirements of the Hospitality Industry.

Property Management Systems (PMS) are critical to the effective management of hotel resources. Epicor iScala Hospitality PMS interface provide the integration needed to directly capture data from the front desk and other integrated systems (e.g. mini-bar and telephone usage). Double entry of data is no longer required, reducing cost and the risk of human error while increasing accuracy and the speed of information. Data can flow without human interaction directly from the PMS all the way to the iScala General Ledger if required for example during overnight update from other systems. The update log can later be reviewed to ensure that any errors are dealt with in a timely manner.

Requisition management is a time-consuming activity that most hotels cannot manage without efficient ERP system. Epicor iScala Hospitality is designed so that entering and approving requisitions can be split between two or more roles. Junior staff can be allowed to enter replenishment requests either as the need is identified or during slower periods such as night shifts. These will then be held until approved staff release the requisition, at which time stock can be moved between stores or purchase orders created.

Recipes drive the way food is used within the hospitality industry. Epicor iScala Hospitality recipe handling capabilities have been built over many years to assist restaurants to focus less on the paperwork and more on keeping clients happy. Capabilities include creating standard recipes that include ingredient quantities, preparation instructions, presentation pictures and any other required information. The cost of each serving can easily be calculated while monitoring the sales mark up. As servings are sold, the stock usage can be tracked to compare against actual storeroom quantities during stock counts.

Efficient handling of cash and the integration of ERP and Point of Sale (POS) systems can make the difference between profit and loss in the hospitality industry. Epicor iScala Hospitality has a flexible integration to POS systems that can support most POS solutions including Micros, InfoGenesis, and Maxial, so that details of actual consumption and changes to recipes can be updated into Epicor iScala Hospitality Material Management Module.

Material Management functionality built to support the food, beverage and other material needs of Hospitality including multiple unit of measurement (UofM) with automatic conversion so that items can be purchased, stored and used in different UofM. Warehouse Management capabilities include support for both traditional and commissary items.

Hospitality standard reports to quickly let hotels gain efficiencies through better monitoring of financial and materials activities. The iScala Hospitality Reporting Tool includes many sheets, daily and period reports to provide improved visibility into daily activity with the ability to prepare and analyse budgets and forecasts with up-to-the second information. iScala Service Connect is a well proven and robust solution to integrate many different systems and enables hotels and other hospitality outlets almost eliminate duplicate data entry.

The moment a report is printed it is out of date, iScala includes the tools and solutions to present information on line via windows or web-based screens giving hospitality users the ability to operate in a virtually paperless environment. Epicor iScala unlike any ordinary back office solution contains next generation capabilities that fully address the needs of the Hospitality Sector and offer a rich user experience with highest levels of flexibility and performance.

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