TOT Restaurant Management Solutions

Restaurant Management Solutions

Powered with over 20 years of our rich industry specific experience, TOTPOS is a state-of-the-art Complete Restaurant Management Solution from Simplified Solutions.

Whether you are a fine dining restaurant, cafe, quick service outlet or a takeaway and delivery joint our on-premise and hosted options provides you with unprecedented flexibility, on-demand scalability, comprehensive functionality, reliable performance and responsive on time support, all this within a budget you get to select.

With our modular structure, you have the freedom to buy or subscribe to only those components that you require for your business and should you need any changes in future, adding or dropping a module is completely in your control.


A fast, efficient and reliable POS is the core of the solution. TOTPOS uses cutting edge technology to give you the right competitive advantage to serve guests and manage your operations more efficiently. Our next-generation POS helps you optimise your processes so that your staff can focus on creating a unique and outstanding restaurant experience for your guests.

Key Features:

  • Simple and Quick Setup
  • Web Based
  • Platform Independent
  • Intuitive GUI
  • VAT Compliant (Inclusive and Exclusive VAT calculation)
  • Rounding off at Check Total.
  • Multi Company / Multi Group / Multi Outlet
  • Common Customer Master Across a Company.
  • Multi-Mode (Dine In, Take Away, Delivery, Counter Sales)
  • Outlet wise Menu Pricing
  • Outlet wise Menu Design
  • Multi Language Check and KOT Printing
  • Outlet Wide Item Search
  • Modify Check Type after order posting
  • FNB Features (Transfer Table, Check Discount, Item Discount, Change Cover Count, Item and Check Void, Change Quantity after Save, Split and Merge Check)
  • Attached Modifiers with Min/Max validation
  • Fast Tender for quick operations
  • Terminal Reporting (POS Printer Compatible)

Reports and Business Intelligence

It is Business Reports that show at the end of the day if economic activities were crowned with success. They give information on past activities and prove in black and white, if decisions have been made correctly. At the same time forecasts are important planning instruments and form the basis for future actions.

Simplified Solutions offers a range of BI services that help to transform raw data from multiple sources into meaningful information and reports for business performance analysis, that give our clients a distinct competitive edge and long-term efficiency gains.

Key Features:

  • Single version of truth, increased insights into the product sales at specific outlets
  • Custom Reports can be added for the users.
  • Scheduling of reports to be printed or emailed, reduced costs in assembling data from multiple outlets.

Quick Inventory

A simple and convenient way to manage your core inventory requirements at no additional cost and works as an integrated web-based system. No installation is required, solution can provide both real time and batch consumptions comparing the actual vs potential on the go.

Quick inventory covers:

  • GRN
  • Return of Goods
  • Revaluation of Good Received
  • Moving weighted average inventory costing
  • Stock Taking
  • Stock transfer between outlets
  • Recipe Management
  • Spoilage and wastage
  • Standard accounting output file download option

Call Centre Simplified

Developed in consultation with leading restaurant chains processing phone-in orders, our solution is specifically designed to help serve customers with speed, accuracy and control. Our Call Centre solution is built upon our state of the art platform featuring real-time POS integration.

With the power of our Call Centre and Restaurant Catering Solution, you can increase the agent's productivity and decrease your overhead costs while ensuring the best of service quality.

Key Features

  • Manage Multiple Addresses for the Customer.
  • Multiple Menu Option and Maintains Customer history.
  • Driver Assignment for Food Delivery and Payment Capture.

Loyalty Simplified

Loyalty programs are a part of almost every business now and have become a key to customer engagement. Loyalty programs provide two key functions: they give a customer rewards for brand loyalty and they provide the issuing company with a wealth of consumer information.

Thus, when designing a rewards program to build loyalty, it is important to think about how to build long-term customer loyalty and ensure competitive advantage. Our solution helps you with just that.

Key Features

  • Register Loyalty Members from the POS Screen.
  • Link Checks to Loyalty Members at the time of settlement.
  • Calculation of Loyalty points based on multiple business rules (Outlet, Meal Period, Promotion and Item Group wise accumulation Policy)
  • Special Promotions can be carried out by selecting a segment of guests and sending automated emails to the guest falling under that segment.
  • Customer Statements can be sent over email to guests.
  • Points calculation based on points vs spend rules, Redemption Voucher Printing, Adding /Expiring /Redemption of Points manually.
  • Card based loyalty (If required) otherwise Digital Card, Digital Bar code-based card information on Guest Portal.

Feedback Simplified

Actionable customer feedback is critical to business process improvements and increased customer satisfaction. Our solution allows you to take customer feedback at your restaurants, lounges, cafes, food courts, multi-chain food outlets, take-away and delivery outlets using touchscreen devices, smartphones and web surveys. A complete feedback software with customizable feedback forms, real-time reporting and in-depth analysis.

Digital Feedback Solution helps you hear the voice of your customer in real time and use their inputs to resolve issues and ensure happy customer.

Key Features

  • Real Time and Web Surveys.
  • Capture Comments.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting

Digital Ordering

Time to do away with the archaic pen and paper order taking, our smart digital ordering solution allows your staff to take orders using a compatible TAB or smartphone which directly pushes the orders to the POS.

Online Ordering

Expand your restaurant operations online and take orders over the internet. Our online ordering solution allows you to create an e-menu and take delivery and takeaway orders. The same can be extended to kiosk mode inside your premises and allow guest to order directly.

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